HCS 2014

The Annual Human Capital Summit is Here Again!

Now in its 5th Year, the Human Capital Summit & Exhibitions 2014 focuses on providing access and information to Nigerian Youths and Professionals not only about opportunities in Nigeria and Beyond, but how to access such opportunities.

We believe the greatest setback to any people is not necessarily the absence of opportunities but the ignorance and inability to access such opportunities. The Summit aims to create awareness of developmental opportunities available locally and abroad.

Theme - Opportunities & Access

The Summit aims to be a platform for Service Providers, Grant Bodies, Institutions, Agencies both NGO's and International Non Government Agencies, to provide information and access to their services and activities.

Hence the Human Capital Summit set out to achieve the following;

- Provide access to scholarships for further education abroad

- Provide a platform for enabling agencies to showcase support they offer

- Provide access to finance, loans, support for aspiring entrepreneurs

- Provide access to Information, activities and services provided to enable personal development

HCS Facts